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Midnight Craving

Midnight Craving is a single-player horror game where players go around a house after being disturbed from sleep due to a sudden noise. While avoiding the lurking creature, they must complete tasks in order to prevent the creature from escaping. My contribution for this project consisted of:

  • Creating the final asset for the level based on the grey box (Texturing surfaces and scaling of the house)

  • Designing and modelling the creature assets

  • Designing and implementing the UI

  • Programming the procedural walking animation for the creature

  • Programming the logic for subtitles, task logic system & Designing the UI

  • Working on the story for the progression of the game

  • Working on the finalised lighting & visuals for the environment

This was a fun project to work on, especially as I spent time experimenting with new aspects that I wanted to work on, the biggest one being the procedural walking of the creature. Along with that, I also played around with the lighting, trying to find something that complemented the unsettling atmosphere that we wanted to give players.

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