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SAE Projects

Showcase of Work

Don't be Rotten!!!

This was one of the first Projects during my time at SAE. We were tasked with creating our own board game and this is what the group I was in created. This was a card game where a group of players would fight waves of veggies to clear the path and reach the holy fruit basket


Project TAG

Project TAG is a arcade like single-player game where the player has to partake in a elimination rendition of tag. Be the last one alive to win.

Tag Icon.png

Campfire Scene

This project consisted of working in a group to create a scene. Each person would create the assets  needed for the scene and then everything would be put together in Unity along with creating lighting and working on the visuals and any Scripting/UI needed


Lost Robot

Lost Robot is a Single Player story game where players explore areas of a laboratory as a robot that seems to have awoken on its own. As players explore, they will find remnants of the past on still functional computers, shedding light on the past events that may have occurred.

Screenshot 2021-12-20 042910.png

Midnight Craving

Midnight craving is a single Player horror game where players must complete objectives around the house while avoiding the creature that seems to out to eat the player.

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